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KriKnows - A Krinos Group Blog

Krinos Group wants you to be well-informed in the way of finances. KriKnows takes that principle and applies to to the blogosphere. Learn more about today's financial practices, news, tips, etc. through our news updates, infographics, and unique presentation of financial matters.
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Is the municipal bond market getting healthy?

Is the municipal bond market getting healthy? KriKnows and FMSBonds, Inc. help answer that question.


Avoid these 10 budget myths

Don't think you need to budget your money? Well, Krinos Group and Investopedia help you debunk 10 budget myths. #KriKnows

To charge, or not to charge; that is the question

One of life's hardest scenarios: a friend comes to you for professional advice -- do, or do you not, charge him or her for your services? Krinos Group and CNN Money help you decide.

The Great Rotation: Bonds into stocks

What is "The Great Rotation"? Head over to KriKnows and let FMS Bonds tell you more.

What is an annuity?

Sometimes finances can seem a bit daunting, especially if are not confident in your understanding of financial terminology and matters. Krinos Group's KriKnows can assist you in brushing up on your financial terminology.

Know your number

Know your number! What are the most important financial figures you should be aware of? Head over to KriKnows to find out.

Cut costs in 2013

Nearly two months into the new year, and we may have gotten accustomed to the in-and-outs of daily routine. But one thing that is constantly changing is the way we handle finances from year to year. Head over to KriKnows, a Krinos Group blog, to find out how to cut costs this year.

Money can’t buy everything so easily

Purchasing firearms may be an increasingly difficult task considering the call for a complete overhaul of gun laws. But, believe it or not, there are things that are even more difficult to purchase than a firearm. KriKnows tells how you may hit a snag while trying to purchase certain things.

E-seminars offer further financial education

There are many financial education tools out there at your disposal, but why not go to one place for a variety of them? The Krinos Group website offers you the opportunity to utilize calculators, a complete dictionary of financial terminology, e-seminars and more. Take a look at this KriKnows article to find out more about what has to offer.

You don’t need the newspaper anymore for quality headlines

Newspapers are a dying breed. KriKnows discusses how social media is revolutionizing the way we get our news, and why it's best to begin to utilize this technology.