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Dr. Tamily Weissman Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States “Brainbow” transgenic mouse hippocampus (40x)

Lars Bech Academisch Medisch Centrum Amsterdam, The Netherlands Combination of urea, phosphor acid, ammonia melted (25x)

Loes Modderman Science Art Nijmegen, The Netherlands Heated solution of Tetenal (a photochemical) and water (40x) Polarized light - Learn more

Dr. Bernardo Cesare Department of Geosciences University of Padua Padova, Italy Graphite-bearing granulite from Kerala (India) (2.5x) Polarized light - Learn more

Image of Distinction, 2009 Denis Cote Université du Québec a Chicoutimi Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada Chalcedony with quartz in quartzite Double polarized light

Image of Distinction, 2009 Dr. Robert Markus Institute of Genetics Biological Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Szeged, Hungary Drosophila melanogaster immune cells (200x) Immunofluorescence

Petra Lutze Dresden University of Technology Dresden, Germany Section of a coin (63x) Polarized light - Learn more

Image of Distinction, 2009 Doug Culley McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Grey cast iron (1000x) Differential interference contrast - Learn more