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a person holding a piece of pizza on top of a blue plate next to a potted plant
Kristy Hawk on Instagram: "Personal Pan Pizza 🍕 Craving pizza?? Try this! It was easy and delicious. RECIPE - Makes 1 pizza with 4 slices INGREDIENTS: 1 low carb tortilla (I used a zero carb Hero Tortilla) 4 Tbsp low carb pizza sauce 14 slices of pepperoni 3 mushrooms, sliced 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese oregano crushed red pepper flakes DIRECTIONS: 1. Grease a 7” round pan that is oven or air fryer safe. 2. Place the tortilla in the pan and press it down to fit inside of it. 3. Add in 3 layers of sauce, cheese & toppings. 4. Air fry for 10 minutes. 5. Cut into fourths and garnish with oregano and crushed red pepper flakes if desired. NUTRITION: 1 pizza (4 slices) | 6.3g net carbs | 23.7g total carbs | 16g fiber | 390 calories | 25g protein | 30g fat | 4.2g sugar | 1
a person is holding up a sandwich with meat and cheese on it, in front of the words quick & easy stromboli
Daily Recipes | Food on Instagram: "1,2 or 3? Which one by @hellooo_steph would you love to try? 1️⃣ Quick & Easy STROMBOLI 🍕 2️⃣ Crispy Rice Waffles! 🧇🍣 3️⃣ Spicy Shrimp Ramen Recipes in the comments⬇️ 🎥 by @hellooo_steph Follow @thefoodie.101 to fulfill your food cravings 🥘 • • • • • #foodblog #foodblogger #foodie #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodstagram #instafood #foodlover #foodpics #yummy #loodgasm #delicious #foodies #lafoodie #foodiesofinstagram #homemade #healthyfood #instagood #foodgram #tasty #foodlovers #foods #cooking #dinner #foodbloggers #foodstyling #breakfast #foodlove"
many different types of pizza on a wooden table
two pizzas sitting on top of a wooden table covered in cheese and toppings
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a pizza sitting on top of a white plate covered in cheese and meat toppings
Impossible™ Spicy Sausage & Red Onion Pizza Recipe
Impossible™ Spicy Sausage & Red Onion Pizza Recipe
there is a piece of veggie pizza on the cutting board
Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza
the cover of taco pizza is shown on a plate
The Best Easy Taco Pizza Recipe - Living Well Mom
taco pizza with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese on the top is ready to be eaten
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how to grill pizza on an outdoor grill
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this flatbread pizza has asparagus and chickpeas on it
Flatbread Pizza with Grilled Corn and Mozzarella - Done in 20 Minutes!
This Easy Flatbread Pizza with Grilled Corn and Mozzarella is the perfect appetizer or light dinner! Sweet grilled corn, fresh mozzarella cheese, and a flavorful balsamic glaze take simple flatbread to a whole new level.