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#Knitters Wanted! A new scheme to help patients with dementia has put out an urgent call for knitters form Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital


The hottest topic in maternity care today is the microbiome and how it is affected by birth practices and how it, in turn, affects the infant for many years. The human “microbiome” refers to the 100 trillion microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) that live inside and on our bodies -- in the gut, mouth, skin, genito-urinary tract and even in breastmilk. Our health is determined to a great extent by the balance of helpful and harmful microbes. The microbiome is normally transferred from…


Twiddlemuffs sent in by one of our lovely volunteer knitters. Inspiration for our Voluntary Arts Week challenge - knit a twiddlemuff - send it to us at Knit for Peace and we'll send it out to a hospital for a dementia patient with restless hands. More information and a pattern on our website: