Dreamland, Margate.

Not a bed shop. this is where you go to have fun. Not that you can't have fun in a bed shop.

Sanderson hotel foyer

Video tour of West End Design District at London Design Festival 2013

St Moritz, Soho, London. Who can resist a Cheese Fondue?

Pinner says - 'St Moritz, Soho, London. Who can resist a bit of fondue when the temperature drops? Can recommend the house red, don't forget to ring one of the bells before you leave!' Sounds like a place for Mambo to visit next London trip.

Nomad's roaming pop-up cinema

Nomad's roaming pop-up cinema (is this Parliament Hill Lido?

Kenwood Ladies' Pond on Hampstead Heath - the most beautiful place to swim outdoors in London.

The Hampstead Heath ladies' swimming pond (Kenwood Ladies Pond Association)

Mr. Chow

Meat Free Monday

Chow Vegetarian Recipes: Vegetarian ‘Squab’ with Lettuce Vegetarian Fried Rice Bok Choy in Oyster Sauce

Brick Lane Music Hall

Would love to take my aunt to Brick Lane Music Hall for a good old fashioned 'knees up'!

Sir John Soanes' Museum

The Architectural Historian (and for that Matter Art Historians) play ground Sir John Soane's Museum in London. An architect who was so enamored with the world that be bought it and moved it into his home.

KRISTINA RECORDS, Stoke Newington (got to be done really)...

A bright and airy independent record shop that attracts locals from the Dalston area, as well as crate diggers from across London. It's where a discerning selection.