Indian Maharashtrian bride wearing traditional bridal saree and jewellery

100 Most Beautiful Indian Bridal Makeup Looks - Dulhan Images

Indian wedding is an occasion where every one wants to look their best. But then, it’s the Indian Brides day. Here are 25 beautiful Indian bridal makeup looks that will blow your mind.

Traditional Marathi bride - makeup ideas plus veil

Anju Amit Maharashtrian Wedding In Mumbai

Planning a Marathi wedding ? If you are a Marathi bride or mother of the bride :) and looking for what to wear for the wedding - saree, jew.

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Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup:Get The Perfect Look In 10 Easy Steps

The Maharashtrian bride is one of many beautiful brides coming from subcultures in India. Maharashtrian bridal makeup is unique in terms of pure aesthetics.

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