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Krystian Szymczak

Krystian Szymczak
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Dominic Foto. Hola, os saludo con cariño

Sweet Medicine: Wolf Medicine is TEACHER - I love my Wolf Guide! motivationsforlife: Aggression by Anne-Marie Kalus // Edited by.

OMG!! I could not imagine running up against this.

DO YOU WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH ME?- In Alaska there is a law that prohibits the wake of a grizzly bear if one wants to take a picture with him! I am curious how many scofflaws were taken to the court wholly?


This fresh black and grey realistic woman portrait pencil on paper sketch is the latest artwork of Sake from SakeTattooCrew! Great details and contrast, awesome backround patterns and really stylish color adition onto the butterflies’ wings!

Photo by (sepulvedatattoo) on Instagram |  #dayofthedeadgirl, #catrinatattoo, #detailking, #mexicanstyle

Photo by (sepulvedatattoo) on Instagram | #dayofthedeadgirl, #catrinatattoo, #detailking, #mexicanstyle