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William Tynedale

This amazing gentleman translated the bible from Latin into English so that every man, not just nobility, could have access to the Lords teachings. He spent his life persecuted and banished from his own country because he wanted all people to have access to the Bible. He went to university here in Oxford before starting his quest. He is my hero. He died to make all men equal before this very truth was fully appreciated.
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Hertford College, Oxford Stained glass wall dedicated to William Tynedale. I have a friend at the college and was able to see this for myself. Absolutely amazing.

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Martyr's Memorial, Oxford This memorial in the centre of town includes William Tynedale. He was actually killed in Germany, but finally appreciated in this country for his major contribution to the world by translating the bible from Latin.

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William Tynedale During the reign of King Henry the Eighth, William dedicated his life to translate the Bible from Latin to English. He wanted every one to have access to God's book, not just the nobility. He was driven from England and spent his life to achieve this goal finally to be killed by orders of King Henry. He did get most of it translated, the King James Version, although without his name, was his work. Bless him. So that all people would be equal before we really knew how…