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an advertisement for ganesh chaturtri with the message, happy ganeshi
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi - Krishnaveni Talent School
Lord Ganesha epitomises wisdom, knowledge and learning. This Ganesh Chaturthi, I hope and pray that he showers you with his countless blessings. #kts #krishnavenitalentschool
an advertisement for the 13th august independence day
Happy Independence Day - Krishnaveni Talent Schools
Today we cherish the ones who made our independence possible. Freedom is hard to get, but we were blessed to have it. Let’s appreciate everything we have and celebrate the great miracle of freedom. Happy Independence Day.
an award certificate with a blue ribbon and gold seal on it's front side
Krishnaveni Talent Schools
Promotion Certificates issued to kids. #kts #krishnaveni #krishnavenitalentschools #krishnavenitalentschool
an advertisement for children's arts and crafts in front of a school sign with the words krsnaveni schools
Krishnaveni Talent Schools
Admission Open Banner 20-21. #kts #krishnavenitalentschool #krishnavenitalentschools #krishnaveni
an advertisement for the school's open day, with two girls hugging each other
Krishnaveni Talent Schools - Template for Admissions. #kts #krishnavenitalentschools #krishnaveni #krishnavenitalentschool
a man standing in front of a blue and yellow background
Krishnaveni Talent Schools - The legend in the field of School Education