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Gujarati Cuisine and Recipes

This board has recipes from Gujarat as well as more modern takes on Gujarati cuisine
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How to Make Gujarati Style Dal Dhokli Recipe


Lasaniya Batata (spicy baby potatoes with garlic)

Lasaniya Batata is garlic flavored potato curry that every hot and spicy food lover must try. Learn how to make hot yet flavorful Gujarati style lasaniya batata with this recipe.


Lasaniya Batata Recipe - Hot & Spicy, Gujarati Garlic Potato Curry

Recipe : Dal Dhokli

from by Tarla Dalal

Bhaat Na Poodla ( Gujarati

“waste not, want not,” said the wise old men. Well, if using leftovers was as interesting as this recipe, it would be a pleasure indeed! bhaat na poodla is a wonderful pancake made with mashed leftover rice, which tastes best when cooked patiently till crisp. Coriander, normally treated as a simple garnish, plays a greater role in this recipe as it imparts the dominant flavour and colour. Traditional chunda is a great combination for this aromatic poodla.


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Cook & Share: Guvar Dhokli With Masala Thepla

Rajasthani Dal Dhokli Recipe - Rajasthani Daal dhokli recipe

Vegetarian Medley: Potatoes In Peanuts & Sesame Seeds Gravy (Gujarati Curry for Khichdi)

Potatoes In Peanuts & Sesame Seeds Gravy (Gujarati Curry for Khichdi)

from jikoni


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