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SHRIMAD BHAGWAD GITA (Ilim Ludani-Va-Tohid) THE KNOWLEDGE THAT DRAWS TOWARDS SPIRITUALITY-THE ONENESS The approach adopted in this book is unique – to show that the Truth (Atma, Haq) is one and the same everywhere, at all times and in all religions, because Truth is that which has no changeableness. Special reference has been made to Sufism to show that there is no difference between Vedanta and Sufism or other religions.

SRI YOGA VASISHTHA, a comprehensive spiritual dialogue between Sri Ramchandra and Sri Vasishtha, is a unique work of Indian Philosophy and a well-known text of Vedanta. It offers practical guidance to true seekers of all types. The original text in Sanskrit by Sri Valmiki and its subsequent translations are very voluminous. Realising its importance Dr R.M. Hari prepared an abridged version of Sri Yoga Vasishtha in question and answer form. It follows the order of the original Sanskrit text.

He sees the truth who sees that he is the omnipresent infinite consciousness which encompasses within itself all that takes place everywhere at all times. -Yoga Vasistha