Vegetarian Recipes

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Malvani Crispy Suran Kaap l Malvani Crispy Yam Fry
Another crisp meal that is vegetarian and comparable to Malvani Crispy Batata Kaap is Malvani Crispy Suran Kaap. Fish fries can be substituted with this Suran Kaap. Whole Suran plants are used in a variety of Malvani cuisine recipes. We make bhaji, curry, crispy slices, cutlets, and other dishes using the green vegetable Suran leaf and its root.
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Malvani Crispy Batata Kaap l Malvani Crispy Potato Slices
Malvani Crispy Batata Kaap are thinly sliced potatoes that have been marinated in a mixture of turmeric, Malvani Fish Curry Masala, and salt to taste. This Easy Crispy Potato Fry Up is best for Christmas Party. #malvanicuisine #malvanifood #crispypotatoslices #lunch #dinner #christmas