Written Game for Ladies kitty party

Check out this simple/interesting Written Game for Ladies kitty party.If you are looking for kitty party games, this written game suits well to your search.

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Ladies Kitty Party One Minute Games: Money Biscuits

If you are looking for some funny ladies kitty party one minute games,money biscuits suits best to your search.It is a simple & funny one minute party game

Funny One Minute Party Game with biscuits

If you are looking for one minute games for kitty party suitable for all ages, you are right place. 5 Best one minute games for kitty party.


Things pieces of small colored marbles/stonesHow to PlayKeep pieces of small colored marbles on the table. As the time starts, player has to pick a set of two marbl

Movies Antakshari: Ladies Kitty Party Game Hindi

Ladies kitty party game in hindi: Movies Antakshari

kitty party games for ladies

This is one of the simple One minute game for kitty party and can be played in any kind of group parties like office party or ladies kitty party.