This board will house design elements/aspects that appeal to me. There's not a singular category of what may show up here; architecture, vehicles, art, nature..
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🎆 Zach Lieberman "Arc study." ©️ @zach.lieberman ・⁠ ・⁠ ・⁠ #zachlieberman #abstract #visualarts #creativetechnology #technologyart #artandtechnology #art #futureart #contemporaryart #contemporarylighting #lightingdesign #newmediaart #digitalart #36degres
Grummam F3F-1, G-22 Gulfhawk - RCU Forums
an outdoor fountain with water flowing from it
How to bring biophilic design into hotels | DforDesign
a person sitting in the middle of a room with white walls and lights on it
When travel meets wellness
an office with a glass desk and red chair
Gallery of Dillon Residence / Chen + Suchart Studio LLC - 5
World's largest indoor waterfall
Rollable Plastic-free Packaging Solution for High-end Fashion - Rollor Packaging
the letters and numbers are drawn in black and white, with different lines on them
Fig. 1. Ten types of plastic joints produced f | O&P Digital Resource Library
the hallway is decorated with colorful wallpaper and rugs, along with an iron handrail
Just gonna leave this memphis rococo staircase right here for future eye-popping
the stage is set up for an event with bright colors and geometric designs on it
HOMMÉS STUDIO (hommesstudio) - Profile | Pinterest
Interior design that makes a difference in your living room ideas and inspirations, selection by HOMMÉS STUDIO.
there are two views of a spiral staircase in this office building, and the second is an open floor plan with lots of windows
Start Paying Attention To The Design of The Office - The Cool Hunter Journal
Staircase, Gallery, Amphitheatre