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three white bowls filled with soup next to purple flowers
Creamy Lemon Possets Infused With Lilac • Olive & Mango
two bowls filled with purple ice cream sitting on top of a wooden table next to leaves
blueberry basil ice cream
blueberry basil ice cream
a cake that has been cut into pieces
Butter Mochi - Salt and Wild Honey
three slices of lemon cake on a plate
Hands down, the only lemon cake I'll eat!
Hands down, the only lemon cake I'll eat!
a person drizzling honey onto a stack of pancakes with lemons on the side
Lemon Poppyseed Ricotta Pancakes — Lauren Camposano | Food & Product Photographer
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Summertime Orange Almond Poppy Seed Cake with Almond Buttercream - Cake by Courtney
Orange Almond Poppy Seed Cake - light and fluffy poppy seed cake layers, infused with orange and almond flavoring, topped with almond buttercream and orange curd. #cakebycourtney #almondcake #almondpoppyseedcake #orangealmondpoppyseedcake #orangecurd #almondbuttercream #summercake #summerdessertrecipe #summerdessert #poppyseedcake #lightandfluffycake #cakedesign #cakerecipes #cakesforgirlsbirthday #cakeaesthetic #cakeideas #cakedecorating
there are cupcakes with orange icing on them
Mini Hawaiian Guava Cakes
lavender sprinkled donuts stacked on top of each other
Lavender Vanilla Bean French Beignets (Vegan) – Sincerely Tori
Lavender Vanilla Bean French Beignets (Vegan) – Sincerely Tori
several square pieces of soap sitting on top of a white surface with lavender and rosemary sprinkles
Iced Lemon Lavender Shortbread Cookies - Curly Girl Kitchen
a cake with vanilla frosting is cut into slices on a white plate and has the words london fog cake written below it
London Fog Cake
This cake is a basic vanilla cake but with all the additions of Earl Grey flavour that you can think of. The milk that is used in the batter is steeped in earl grey, there are tea leaves directly in the batter, then I drizzle an Earl Grey syrup over the cakes, and lastly, the icing has a bit more of that earl grey milk just to finish it off. So if you're a tea lover, this one is for you!
two bowls filled with homemade creme brule
Easy Crème Brûlée
a casserole dish filled with cheese and lavender sprinkles on a marble table
Earl Grey Tiramisu
four slices of lemon cake with icing on top, next to sliced lemons
Lemon Brownies - Browned Butter Blondie
Lemon Brownies - Browned Butter Blondie
Fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes
Turn ordinary meals into extraordinary moments! 🍽️💫 Have you explored the magic of this delicious recipe? Your culinary journey begins now! 🚀 #FoodieMagic #DeliciousMoments Fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes #japanese #pancakes #fluffyjapanesesoufflepancakesrecipes #recipes #souffle #food #foodies
some cupcakes with whipped cream and figurines on top are shown in three different angles
Brown butter fig cupcakes with mascarpone whipped cream and honey