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Be yourself!

I mentioned before that I have been working on the Taylor Swift card line at AG. Currently there's an endcap at Target featuring Taylor car.

What is bullying? Just in case you are confused.

Bulling is a mean harsh reason why bullies hide from they are scared to not be a bully but when someone is a bully people are scared and dont get someone to help in need.

Help if you are being bullied

Here are some good suggestions for mentees who are being bullied. This will provide your mentee with some good strategies for the next time their bully approaches them.

Don't exclude, it's bullying if you do it constantly but mean if you do it anytime.

Mean Stinks--Free, printable posters with Anti-Bullying messages! I need to watch the videos & search the posters, but some could be useable with my graders.

Stay Strong

I really hope this is true because it's like the top part is describing my life so I hope the bottom part works too

Stop it!

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