Raoul Hausmann  (Austrian, Vienna 1886–1971 Limoges) | ABCD, 1920s | As a founder of the Berlin incarnation of Dada, Hausmann searched for a vital, disruptive, and realistic art, piecing together scraps of word and image—the detritus of the real world—to make symbolic and explosive new pictures. ABCD is a self-portrait.

Raoul Hausmann Dada/ Social Critique, Anti-Art, Shock Value, Irrationalism/ This image combine different parts in magazine or news paper to create an ugly man.

Raoul Hausmann (1886 - 1971)   Construction en fer, Limoges  1954

Construction en fer, Limoges

Raoul Hausmann. Untitled. February 1931

archives-dada: Raoul Hausmann, Untitled, image: 5 × 4 × cm), MOMA, New York.

Raoul Hausmann, Dada (Collage for the First International Dada Fair)

Self-portrait of the Dadasopher, collage-photomontage, 1920 by Raoul Hausmann (Austrian 1886 –

Raoul Hausmann     Untitled     1918

« Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point : on le sait en mille choses.

collageoftheweek: Raoul Hausmann, Elasticum 1920

Raoul Hausmann Elasticum 1920 Photomontage and collage with gouache on the cover of Erste Internationale Dada-Messe 12 x 14 inches x 37 cm)