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a yellow post it note with the words which is the most poisonous fish?
an animal that is blue in color with the words which animal blood is blue in color?
a yellow background with the words who is the queen of fruits?
the words which bird does not make it's own nest? on a yellow background
an advertisement for the gk mcq in india is displayed on a phone screen
an image of the words which blood cells are called solars of the body?
what is the most abundant gas in earth's atmosphere? hydrogen b oxygen c hydrogen
an image of a space station with the caption which one is the first country to launch artificial satellite
Military, Indian, Indian Ocean, How To Plan, To Set, Ocean, Base
Which nation plans to set up permanent military base in the Indian Ocean?
a blue background with the words q what is the rank of india in world wide education for
What is the rank of India in worldwide education for the future index 2019?
Sayings, Vikram Sarabhai, Abdul Kalam, The Father, Father, Space Program
Who is said to be the father of Indian space program?
the world tourism day is celebrating on - line, and it's time to celebrate
World tourism day is celebrated on
a green background with the words where is rose institute?
Where is Bose institute?
a pink background with the words when is the international yoga day celebration?
When is the international yoga day