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Lau Rivadulla
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Cadáver Exquisito

Cadáver Exquisito Un Collage de Sueños, Pesadillas, Deseos, Saudades... Un Tránsito por Sonoridades Un Mundo Disperso Como Los Sueños.

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Definition of the soul; the spirit or immaterial part of man, the seat of human personality, intellect, will, and emotions, regarded as an entity that survives the body after death. The definition of the soul is something different for everybody, I think. I'm fascinated by it and that's why I wanted to make this. It's your soul that makes you, you. Not your body or your pretty face. This is inspired 500px | facebook page | blog | tumblr | pinterest

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Mixed-Media Self Portraits by Meggie Royer

In addition to being a powerhouse poet, and a published one at that, Meggie Royer ’17 also makes thought-provoking visual art combining her photographs and poetry. She sent us 6. Check out th…

Tintin Cooper - Scrambled, 2009 (think this is in my The Art of Collage book) Photomontage, Collage Foto, Photo Collages, Wall Collage, Richard Hamilton, Glitch Art, Foto Art, Gcse Art, Grafik Design

Tintin Cooper's Vintage Photo Collages

Tintin Cooper's photographic collages weave together different images in popular media.