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Indian cuisine is no stranger to breads. All across the country we see breads made of a variety of ingredients-wheat, rice, corn, bajra, jowar, ragi and so on. Then there are leavened and unleavened breads, breads made on griddles or baked, steamed, fried, baked on coals. There are also different spiced breads. But one all time favourite is the “balloon bread” – the East Indian ‘Fugiyas’.


Recipe: East Indian Fugiyas or Balloon Bread

Cooking tips for a career woman must buy her some extra time in the office without compromising on her health. With that in mind, we got you some time-saving kitchen advice that will make your can’t-cook-tonight laziness feel lame. These will be the reason that will make cooking seem more appealing than eating out. You are free to invite friends for dinner just to show off your newly-acquired skills.  Don't Miss: 10 Cooking Tips for Working Women on the Run Image ...

10 Smart & Healthy Cooking Tips for Working Women

For the days when you are in not in the mood for the regular dal and rice meal, whip up an easy dish like this cottage cheese wrap. Cottage cheese or paneer spiced with herbs and green mayo enhances the flavour. Add some lettuce, carrots and sprouts and you’ve made a wholesome meal. Try it out.

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The weekend puts me into a mood to cook but unfortunately I am not a pro and can barely work my way around the kitchen. So while looking for a recipe to cook this weekend I chanced upon some amazing recipes. They are vegetarian, easy-to-make and doesn't require too much of a hassle, simply put perfect for a domestically challenged me J Image courtesy: Shutterstock Don't Miss! 10 Scrumptious Chicken Recipes from My Mum's Kitchen

10 Quick and Hassle-Free Vegetarian Snacks That Anyone Can Make

An easy starter to pamper your guests this festive season. Potato roasty will keep them coming back for more. Make some extra because this easy recipe will churn out deliciousness. You can improvise by adding more vegetable, but we suggest keep it simple. Be generous with the cheese and have a cracker of a festive season!

How to Make Potato Roasty [Video]

Dabeli is a hot favourite street food option in India's western shores. This sweet and savoury snack originated in the Kutch area and made its way into our hearts. We got hold of this nearly authentic recipe by Tarla Dalal. Sharing the gold with you!

How to Make Dabeli at Home [Video]

Samosas are the perfect monsoon snacks. They are everything you need when you absolutely cannot step out of the house as the rain lashes out. Now that you have sometime in hand, why not make something delicious at home. Here's an easy samosa recipe from Tarla Dalal's kitchen.

How to Make Samosas at Home [Video]

Hot Pasta: A plate of piping hot pasta can be comforting when the weather outside is nippy. So dig into a sinful pasta dish that will cheer you up for sure.

10 Monsoon Foods That Will Make You Happy Instantly

Potatoes are our favourite! And when looking for a quick snack to serve your guests on the weekend, potatoes are the go-to ingredient. Here’s a traditional Aloo Patty recipe that’s going to win your heart. All you need to do is boil some potatoes and mix the masala to make this crispy, chatpata dish that you can serve with mint coriander chutney, mango pickle or even tomato ketchup for a quick evening snack.

How to Make Authentic Sindhi Aloo Patty [Video]