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Amazing photos from Nehru-Gandhi era

Often while buying pretty polka-dotted swimwear, itsy bitsy hot pants and halter dresses, the one place you're thinking of is Goa, besides Maldives of course. Well, not for long. Goa minister Sudin Dhavalikar is out to ban "bikini culture" and "pub culture" while he's at it. Here's why we think he should be banned instead.

RaGa, NaMo, Kejri, Lady Gaga... Well, the Indian general elections 2014 feels like simultaneous rock concerts belting out across the country to the strains of rockstar-like politicians with their carefully slotted, crafted-for-media lyrical styles, drumming out loud lyrics at decibels that hurt the ears and numb the senses. But we couldn’t be bothered as we head-bang our way first to the one tune and then to the next, as a nation comfortably numb, dancing gleefully in the world’s biggest…