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The Best Gadgets of 2014

Motorola Moto G, the table flipping budget Android smartphone which was launched in India on February 2014 in exclusive partnership with Flipkart as the

50 Most Scary Stories of the Week

Vampire Squirrel The elusive squirrel, Rheithrosciurus macrotis, is famous both for the vampire-inspired legends surrounding it and for its tail, which last year was hailed as being the fluffiest among all mammals.

Dual Size Battery with Changeable AA and AAA Size

The Fit-in Battery is an AAA-sized adjustable battery that can accommodate larger sizes so you don't have to fuss with multiple batteries.

Everyday Art – This French artist transforms mundane things into amazing art

French artist Gilbert Legrand turns everyday objects into cute, humorous characters. Through his creative use of each tool's natural shape and his talented painting, the pieces take on lifelike qualities and make you almost forget their original purpose.

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