Autumn Floor Lamp

Autumn Floor Lamp (burlap shade)

For the dining room (though maybe not bright enough?) "KNAPPA Pendant lamp IKEA Gives a soft mood light."

KNAPPA Pendant lamp, white

Just bought and assembled this lovely lamp and can't wait to get it hung up // Ikea KNAPPA pendant lamp

HEKTAR Lampadaire   - IKEA 59€

HEKTAR Lampadaire, gris foncé

IKEA - HEKTAR, Floor lamp with LED bulb, The oversized lamp head gives both a good concentrated light for reading and good general light for smaller areas.You can easily aim the light where you need it because the lamp head is adjustable.

For my bedroom

IKEA - FILLSTA, Pendant lamp, 47 cm, , Diffused light that provides good general light in the room.