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Moving Insider
There are many different reasons why you might want to rent a self-storage unit. Here is a narrowed down list of 6 reasons why people are renting self-storage units today. Self storage is an excellent option for extra space, and if any of these 6 options apply to you then visit to find a storage unit near you.| Moving Insider Tips
a blue book cover with the words, what's not allowed inside a storage unit
Is Living in a Storage Unit Legal?
Can you live in a storage unit? Unfortunately, no, it is against the law to live in a storage unit. Find out other prohibited uses for self-storage units before you rent one. Some of the restrictions may not be entirely obvious initially. #LifeStorage #self-storage #storage
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Self storage in America.
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Reason #9 Why You Need Storage!
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Storage Unlocked: How to Store Everything
#INFOGRAPHIC: All of Your Storage Problems Solved!
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Self Storage Units and Facilities | U-Haul
Take items you don't use daily to storage and avoid the clutter. Decluttering can make your space feel so much cleaner and you don't have to make the tough choice of getting rid of things you want to keep.
some people are dressed up as witches and one is saying, rent a storage unit because some halloween costumes just look at weird hanging in your closet year round
a blue sign with instructions on moving things
Some important moving tips!
three panels with the words his and hers written on them
#cartoon #funnyfridays #couples #storage
two people are standing in front of stacks of boxes and one is saying she claims she knows what's in every box
Funny Fridays: Unlabeled Boxes by Kelly Kamowski
Know anyone who labels like this? #FunnyFriday #cartoon #moving #selfstorage
two women sitting at a table talking to each other
Funny Fridays: Extra Space by Kelly Kamowski
Giving new meaning to the term "extra space." #funnyfridays #cartoon #selfstorage
a man is carrying boxes in front of a sign that says boots hats mittens my favorite summer ritual
Funny Fridays: Summer by Kelly Kamowski
What are you storing this summer? #cartoon #selfstorage #summer
a cartoon depicting people standing in front of a sign that says toy fads that used a year
Funny Fridays: Toy Fads by Kelly Kamowski
Got post-Christmas clutter? Self storage can help! #FunnyFridays #cartoon #selfstorage
the cartoon shows people standing in front of boxes with a dog looking at them and talking to each other
Don't forget to label, we can't put frisbees and toys in all the boxes.