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Coffee cup power inverter with 2 AC plugs and USB port, Fits into standard cup holders in your car. Power three devices at once with this cup.

Powercup inverter, ac plugs for the car. My car came with a built-in plug but the fan is much too loud! If this Powercup Inverter is supposed to be quiet, then i definitely want one!

cornered power strip. smart!

The Intelligent Power Strip has an imposing triptych composition that allows you to place it at any nook. The beauty of the design is that the

Our kids would probably turn this into a toy, but it is cute.

Design products I like best are FOR something. Like making a fun no-need-to-hide object of your power extension cord. oon power outlet made in LA of New England maple, various finishes, woven cord colors.

VLAD GLYNIN jewellery - Ring "Pinus", 2015. White gold, tsavorites, black rhodium / Кольцо "Pinus", 2015 г. Белое золото, цавориты, чёрный родий / Anello "Pinus", 2015. Oro bianco, tsavoriti, rodio nero

Ruby Jewelry What do you think of the colour? Ruby Jewelry The Markin Aperture No. 2 Ring: a New Marvel of Jewellery Design Rings & Things Refer: