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How many circles can you fill with beans before the timer runs out? Can you do it again and beat your first score?! Counting, sorting fine motor skills. Also used as an investigation area where children can use their senses to explore the different types of beans.

One child describes a 2d shape and the other child finds the shape using a metal detector. EYFS

Get children to copy photos which I took using shapes I have in my class. I'm thinking about using idea with real objects, construction etc. Iwanted children to copy pictures made from 2d shapes but needed them to look exactly the same so I just made my own. I'm then going to have a camera available and ask the children to make their own pictures and take a photo and I will then print those for the children to copy. This will add a technology strand and make a nice display.

Continuous provision enhancements in EYFS on our funky fingers/finger gym fine motor control area. We are using loom bands to explore 2D shapes.

Shape Sort: sort objects onto shape cards, then discuss which shape looks like it has the biggest pile and which shape had the least amount of things (draw conclusion about shapes - e.g. it Is easier to find circular objects than it is to find parallelogram shaped items); maybe collect objects by going on a shape hunt throughout the classroom.