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an image of the inside of a church with columns and stained glass windows in it
35 Cringy Text Messages That Hurt To Read
there are many different types of objects on display
The artist’s response to that student who knocked over a row of crowns being exhibited that were valued at over $200000
an image of the back side of a computer screen with many different images on it
Adam Ruins Millennials. | Millennials
an image of a computer screen with the text's page highlighted in black and white
This is amazing ahahahaha
two tweets are on the same page
What is a great children's book without a bit of dissection for flavour
an image of someones twitter post about their favorite show
an image with text that reads, this is not a tapestry, or weaving it's the most detailed image we have of a human cell
an old document with writing on it and some other things in the bottom right corner
an aerial view of two ships in the ocean with captioning below that reads,
I love this sooo freaking much
a tweet that is on top of a page with an image of a cat
an image of a website page with the same color scheme as it appears to be