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Based in Jacksonville, FL, United States, Brandon Kidwell studied English/Philosophy and worked in Corporate Finance with an artistic outlet of beautiful double exposure photography.

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Venus Van Gogh New Media by Venus Oak

LESSON 2: Objective- Using Photoshop, create an art mash-up using masking and clipping techniques. Successfully combine 2 famous pieces of art to create a new masterpiece. Consider having students present research they have found about the artists/pieces they chose to mash-up. Example: Botticelli and van Gogh (there are all KINDS of art mash ups you could do...)

la-dame-de-la-nuit: Pierpaolo Ferrara & Maurizio... (MAGALI 108)

When Art becomes Cool Pictures

this would be so easy with Photoshop (layer one image over other and erase positive shape form top layer to reveal bottom layer) Alyssa! Do this!!!

Prep work for my art exam to represent disguise - What we see in ourselves isn't always what others see when they look at us, we disguise ourselves with makeup and fake smiles to avoid the questions.