We did this when I was in kindergarden!  We went to Japan (the next classroom over) in our airplane, had green tea and then went into the school cafeteria to learn how to make fortune cookies!  Wow...  Totally brought back memories I'd not thought about in 25 years!

Tippytoe Crafts: Dramatic Play Airplane cool idea for transportation theme for the dramatic play area

EYFS Learning Environment

Huishoek: Creating seasonal environments is a way of demonstrating and preparing for real-world situations.

Space resources - Twinkl http://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources/space

make a space room with aluminum foil

Watermelons for end of year party

Easy and yummy snacks for a summer picnic!

ice cream play doh

Play Dough Ice Cream Play

ice cream play dough - for ice cream store role play area.

Jungle role play. So happy with it, big jeep they can drive, animals to ride, animals to spot with their binoculars.

Jungle role play - inspiration for similar ideas for Gruffalo party

Airport Dramatic Play - This is the baggage x-ray machine!  Play to Learn Preschool

Airport Dramatic Play - This is the baggage x-ray machine! Play to Learn Preschool

ice cream pintrest

Ice Cream Parlour Tuff Spot

Ice cream parlour tuff spot set up. Great messy and sensory play idea that also encourages role play and imagination.

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Airplanes Birthday Party Ideas

Boys runway for paper airplanes.runwayon a roll of packing/craft/ mailing paper.I KNOW there's a fun activity to be done with this.

Ice cream shop small world invitation to play

Ice Cream Shop Small World

Ice cream shop small world invitation to play. Can use for role play, numeracy or science (summer).

airport role play area - Google Search

How to Make and Apple Pie and See the World-airport role play area -

we are learning about animals. In our role-play we are pretending to be vets and nurses. We have been pretending to look after animals brought into the vets by putting bandages and giving medicine to them. We are also learning about how to look after animals especially our pets at home.

vet role play - image only :)

Garden centre role play area

Hang birds for stations

DIY Airplane

DIY Airplane

Playdough Icecream Shop

pretend ice cream stand - coloured and scented playdough, beads for sprinkles, cardboard cones, plus a few props (scoops, pretend money)