Preserved Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquets

Magical 100% pure beeswax is used to preserve your wedding flowers for a lifetime. Imagine having your bouquet look as fresh as it did on your big day forever. Our patented process can do it.
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This bouquet is named Magnificent which it is. Flowers are filled with real gems, pearls and crystals. Available in many colors. Vintage lace handle.

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Loaded with ivory roses, freesia, stephanotis jasmine, lavender, ivy leaves, hydrangea and orange blossoms just to name a few. Vintage satin ribbons makes a glorious bow with streamers.

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The center of Hopelessly In Love consists of large garden tulips, mini daffodils and primrose. Surrounded by ivory roses and calla lilies. Soft fern and hydrangea cushion the beeswax. preserved fresh flowers.

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Calla lilies, hollyhocks, freesis, stephanotis jasmine, roses, jonquils with accents of heather and hydrangea create this bouquet named Magnificent. Flowers are all garden grown.

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A spring delight called Hopelessly In Love is a charmer for a garden wedding. Handle is made of Midori silk ribbon layered in tiny rose buds.

Another version of the Innocence bouquet made in shades of pinks.

Innocence is my personal favorite of all my bouquets. It's by far the hardest to make with its triangular shape all edged in garden ivy. This bouquets takes between 60-80 hrs to create and will last forever.

Notice all the real gems in the pink Innocence bouquet. Everyone is a real gemstone in the finest cuts reflecting brilliant light. The bouquet will last a lifetime without a glass dome.

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