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easter dessert cups with chocolate frosting and candy eggs
Easter Dirt Cups
an easter swiss roll on a plate with candy
Easter Swiss Roll
Easter Swiss Roll - Macheesmo
1h 30m
a person holding an object in their hand and the words how to make a silver egg
Silver Egg Experiment
How to Make A Silver Egg - Science Experiments for Kids
there are several different pictures of cake in the box and on the table, including one with a bow
Bunny Tail Truffles (Easy Easter No-Bake Dessert)
Love these bunny tails! How cute!!! Also includes Easter basket cookies, cinnabunnies and other Easter crafts and DIY projects.
an easter cake decorated with peep holes and sprinkles in the shape of flowers
Easter Dirt Cake
Easter Oreo Dirt Cake - a creamy and delicious Easter dessert that everyone will love to decorate and eat!
easter peeps dirt pudding cups with chocolate and marshmallows
Easter Peeps Dirt Pudding Cups
A fun Easter treat using the classic dirt pudding recipe makes a perfect dessert for your family this Easter. Hey everyone! So I know I need to explain my lack of posting lately. The truth is I ...
small cupcakes with peeps in them on a cake stand
Dirt Pudding Cup Dessert Bar
Dirt Pudding Cup Dessert Bar
an easter egg pops recipe on a stick
easy Easter bunny & chick Oreo pops
These are so cute! Easter bunny and Easter chick Oreo pops. Easy to make with video tutorials. My kids would love these!
colorful flower pretzel bites are arranged in the shape of a snowflake
Spring Flower Pretzel Bites
Flower Pretzel Bites
a cake shaped like a teddy bear sitting on top of a white plate in the grass
Top Easter Bunny Cakes - so cute! (I'll never do it, but still, so cute!).
an article about glow in the dark eggs
Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt!
Glow-in-the-dark eggs
there is a chocolate cake with candy in the shape of a bird's nest
Completed Cake 4
two small cakes with decorations on top of them
Easter Basket Cookies | Oh Nuts Blog
two little birds sitting on top of a cupcake
Simplified Bee®
Spring Birds Cupcake. #Easter