Cotton Wool Ball Painting. Great messy play idea for toddlers and babies. Fun craft ideas!!

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Using the Numicon to add to the clock visual prompts alongside key word vocabulary when telling the time.

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Bear hunt tough spot idea! The children loved playing and rebelling the story, also a lovely sensory activity. I used grass, a bowl of water, some mud, twigs, hamster bedding and glitter (!!) and made a cave using a loo roll and newspaper. The writing was just chalk straight onto the tray :)

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Tossing the leaves into the air - love this - would add little rakes so that they could rake the leaves into a pile and then put them on the parachute.

Using the Tolsby frame from Ikea, I made our "Big Talk" inspiration album. This will be on the snack table to encourage talk between the children and adults. A new image will be displayed each day.

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