Fine Motor Morning Work Bins with activities for Kindergarten, Pre-K and preschool teachers.

Fine Motor Morning Work Bins

Set-up, organizing and creating independence. Make morning work meaningful by providing fine motor activities. Tons of ideas for independent and engaging activities. Monthly Freebies to help support your fine motor morning work each month.

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"Handprint Friendship Wreath" - This would be a fun, colorful decoration for the entrance of the center. Children, parents, and teachers could all make a handprint.

How to use a Wonder Wall to encourage kids' questions :: classroom organisation

Encourage learning with a Wonder Wall

I love this as an end of the school year project :)

I LOVE this as a classroom commitment project! A class "custom creation" for the school auction- I want to do this idea with an art nouveau twist!

A good handwriting/pen grip assessment. Easy to use but effective

Using display to highlight where children's developmental needs are & what appropriate next steps should look like (this one is highlighting pencil grip) - from the fab ABC Does (",)