Kiwi with Prisma's - @sparklingkeys

amzing drawing its a keywid

Emma Dibben inspired art work

Kiwi and Orange slices painting

Slice of Kiwi Green by Marlane Wurzbach

Marlane Wurzbach I like the bright color of the kiwi and how the artist make it stand out with the bright green and yellow.

a straight version of the top feather is the direction i want the feather to point. UPSIDE down and the quill facing away from the audience the rounded part of the feather pointing towards the viewer.

Love the idea of a falling feather tattoo

messy black feather  original ink drawing by anne4bags

Another messy black feather -- original ink drawing

watercolour painting in green - Pesquisa Google

“Fruit Squares” series ‘Kiwi Slice’ A watercolor painting of a juicy, green kiwi slice by Cindy Lou Bailey. I truly enjoyed painting the beautiful, jewel-like structure of the fleshy kiwi. SO.

oil pastel fruit close-up and crop. High school art lesson: composition, organic…

Kiwi 1 8x10" glossy photographic unframed print

Original Drawing/Illustration - Blue Feather

Original Drawing/Illustration - Blue Feather

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