The "Torii" Gate of Kami-Shikimi Kumano-Imasu Shrine | Kumamoto Japan | 熊本県 上色見熊野座神社 | via

The "Torii" gate of Kami-shikimi Kumano-imasu Shrine, Kumamoto Japan

Green... | via James Burns on

Green reflections in water in Provence, France

Lotus Seed Pods | via

Seeds- Green Lotus Seed pod with developing seeds Whimsical Home and Garden

"Emerald Night" Bronze Sculpture | by Erte | via Art Brokerage

Erte Emerald Night-ERTE 1989 Stolen Art - site City of Los Angeles Chief of Police - Emerald Night bronze / 375 tall

The "Hintersee" is a Lake in the south east of Bavaria. | via

The "Hintersee" is Lake in the south east of Bavaria

Southern Finland

Inspiring image blue, finland, lake, water - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Lanterns | Japan | via Siafanar Bos

Stone lanterns at Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara, Japan (by Wistou). it always amazes me how Mother Nature, left to her own devices, can make all things beautiful.


I played here on our weekend picnis in the late 1940 s in just a few minutes from Sheffield ~~Oak boughs ~ mossy woods, Burbage Brook, Peak District, Derbyshire, England by Keartona~~

by Jeremy Mann | via

Artist: Jeremy Mann "White Nights in Winter" Oil on Panel 36 x 24 in. 2013 "The International Masters of Fine Art Exhibition in San Anton.

"Rainbow" | by Ondrej Pakan on

Rainbow of colors on this iridescent-colored body of an insect in the early morning dew.

Green Door in France via

Iron and scroll work. Very nice. Green Door - Number 27 - Honfleur, Normandy, France Photograph by Declan O’Doherty.

"(Open rp) I was walking when I saw a shimmer in the ground I picked it up to look at it and I recognized it a solid mist. How could the most turn solid only my mom can do that I thought. I was going to the big house when the ground buckled beneath me. Now I'm stuck in this hole. Help!" | via

Neversink, by Amy Hinkle. Neversink is a beautiful 162 foot open air pit in Jackson County Alabama.

"Springtime" | by Michael Smith | via

The Smith Gallery - British Landscape Artists - David Smith & Michael James Smith

by Nelleke Pieters Photography  at

by Nelleke Pieters Photography at nellekepieters-photography.

Silver fern frond, New Zealand (© Alkalyne/Getty Images) #koru

Bing Image Archive: Silver fern frond, New Zealand (© Alkalyne/Getty Images)(Bing United Kingdom)