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This is pretty similar to the colors of that tree picture, just a little different tones

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I like all of these. You can probably tell by now that I like the idea of either black with a light blue and orange or Navy with a vibrant orange and a light neutral color.

This blue would again be a good black foundation, the orange is pretty great and the off white or grey color could be pretty great...or a color in between

Andy, I like this blue and Orange color. We could use a deep navy blue like this as our "black" color and always pair the bright orange with an off-white/light tan sort of color. Maybe the orange is too red and needs to be more on the bright orange spectrum...(because that's actually a spectrum, right?)

I really love these two colors together. Three if you count the dark aqua color, the lightest aqua and the orange. But I don't know if the aqua would clash too much with the light blue of the BTTF. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad

Blue is very similar to the blue on BTTF, orange works, I actually like the third color in here the light tan color. I think those three colors actually would look really good in print and on the website in general possibly instead of black...