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a white cat figurine holding a heart in it's paws and eyes
a group of dogs standing next to each other on a blue background with rainbows and clouds
a teddy bear with a red heart on it's neck and a keychain around its neck
a green leaf shaped like a heart with caterpillars and worms around it
a stuffed monkey laying on top of a blue towel next to the ocean and rocks
two people holding out their hands with various items on them and tags attached to the wrist
I wish i had these
there are many items on the shelf in this room, including bracelets and necklaces
⋆ # ⋆ 🗯˚ ༘ *
a bunch of toys that are laying on a bed together in the middle of a sheet
keychain/trinket collection
a person holding up a hello kitty cell phone in a package with its keychain