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a painting of a woman and her dog in a field full of flowers
the words i'm a christian in pink and black on a black background with an orange
an open book with writing on it and some words written in cursive ink
a woman sitting on top of a pink couch next to a window with the words yk it's time to pray when it starts feeling like this
the jesus appears to be looking at his reflection in the mirror, and he is not afraid
The Chosen
the crucifix is shown in three different stages
jesus holding his hands up with the words do care did ask plus i love you
Feel the embrace of divine love every day. He cares, He asks, and most importantly, He loves you. Share this message of unconditional love and brighten someone's day.
four different pictures of hands holding something in their left hand and the other one with an outstretched hand
a person wearing a hat with the words a prayer a day keeps the devil away
♥ Love God
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