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How Lego Makes The Safe, Quality, Diverse and Irresistible Toys We All Want: Part Two - Forbes

Making Lego Bricks - LEGO bricks are produced at a rate of bricks every minute, 16 billion bricks every year. Learn more about how LEGO bricks are created.

The making of the Maketikus utility knife

Line up your models in interesting ways. Use depth of field to emphasize the best models and let the cruder models blur into the background.

IMPROVISATION MACH by ANNIKA FRYE - The improvisation machine is an experimental production set up: A series of rotational moulded pieces was produced in it. I transferred the industrial process of rotational molding into my atelier. Because I am not using a fixed mold that produces the same object every time, I can produce variation instead of repetition.

Istanbul Design Biennial German designer Annika Frye incorporated a cordless drill in the rotational moulding machine she built for making one-off items using a process that would normally result in an identical series (+ movie).

Ohlala- Plastic watering-can in rotational molding.

nice intergration of all functional elements into one big gesture, that even visualizes the steps of the process. smooth transition of all elements

Products of Rotational Moulding - YouTube

Different Products made by the process of rotational moulding or molding.

Rotation moulding - YouTube

Rotation moulding - YouTube