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a large stone structure sitting on top of a lush green field next to a blue sky
Sanchi Stupa
One of the most important religious places of Buddhism and a famous historical place in India. The Dome of the Stupa signifies the wheel of law and is considered as a symbol of freedom
the golden building is surrounded by water and buildings with spires on top are reflected in the water
Golden Temple, Amritsar
Amritsar, a city rich in culture, spiritual belief and full of historic icons, has played a great role in India’s struggle for freedom. Walk with a local to know more about the streets and peep into the life of local people.
an intricately carved stone structure in the middle of a desert
Hampi, Karnataka
Book unique and offbeat travel experiences in Hampi. Experience Hampi with locals who are passionate about thier culture and heritage.
a large white building sitting on top of a lake
Take an exciting private tour with a professional tour guide through the bustling and energetic city of Kolkata. View the Victoria Memorial and the giant Eden Gardens cricket stadium as you see historic and modern Kolkata.
a woman holding an umbrella standing next to a body of water with birds flying around her
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Take a unique private tour of Jaisalmer city and witness the architectural beauty of the forts and palaces set against the Thar Desert. Explore the ancient Havelis and get a glimpse of the local life in Rajasthan.
people sitting on the ground in front of a large building with two towers and three spires
Senate House
Senate House! It is one of the oldest buildings with Indo-Saracenic style of architecture facing the beaches, offering picturesque views.
several skewered meats are being cooked on a bbq grill with flames
Seekh Kebabs
Chicken Seekh Kabab are a delicious Indian appetizer made with ground minced meat and a handful of spices!!
there are some food that is on display in the buffet area at this restaurant, and it looks like they were made out of rice rolls
Kolkata Street Food
Kolkata offers a staggering variety of delicious flavors. From Puchka's to Bengali treats, visit Kolkata to satiate your tastebuds
a man sitting in front of a table filled with lots of different types of food
What really captures the crux of Delhi is the varying range of street food it has to offer.
Visit Haldiram for some zesty Raj Kachori or treat your sweet tooth with some Barfi and Gulab Jamun at the New Delhi Station. Experience all this and more with Leamigo
an ornate building with two tall towers and three minalis on the top, against a cloudy blue sky
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