I love him so much. He is amazing. AmazingPhil :") // Phil Lester

I love him so much. AmazingPhil :") // Phil Lester>> Phil you are the sweetest person and ilu and love the Hufflepuff pride!

I know I have already pinned this but it's important and I'm just gonna go over to a corner and craft

Oh helllll nooo toooooooo reeeeaaaallll


Troye Sivan Mellet, everyone

ZOELLA // pinterest : teenageovercast ❤

Zoe Sugg on November 2016

Look at my little cinnamon roll phil ❤

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Can I go to one of his concerts please

I think I'm dying, I see an angel

Troye Sivan

troye sivan on

Troye Sivan in Disneyland c:

Workin’ hard or hardly rewinding, guys? YouTubeRewind amazingphil danisnotonfire

I loved dan and phill part this year but to be completely honest, 2015 was way better.

TRXYE Sivan is driving me WILD. His HEAVENly voice puts me at EASE. How can his eyes be so BLUE? His videos are TOO GOOD, I wish he would TALK ME DOWN in real life. You are FOOLS if you don't listen to his music, go take a HAPPY LITTLE PILL and get ur head out of THE QUIET nothingness it's been in. That seductive face in one of his videos when he BITEs his mouth and that one montage of him TOUCHing his face. The fact that I can never be with me means that I DKLA.

Troye Sivan shot by Billboard by JUCO

#zoesugg #zoella

Just a casual cow nose in the corner (I think?

Sugg Life Merchandise ❤️

Sugg Life Merchandise ❤️

Not risking it

He's just so beautiful ❤️

And I thought Harry was a cupcake

Zoë Sugg (Zoella) ❤️

Zoe could be an inspirational speaker💕

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*crying* why is he so perfect