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Over the course of our work here at Math Snacks, one of the most common questions received is, ‘how do we make our animations?’ While the entire process takes months of work, the above image gives a brief example of the process we take.



Much like Game Over Gopher, Ratio Rumble has had many incarnations before becoming what it is today. Past versions of Ratio Rumble saw the player as a chef, a bug collector, and a potion shop owner, each iteration contributing to the final version of the game we play today.


Ratio Rumble Through the Years

5 Strategies for developing educational games.

5 Key Strategies for Developing Educational Games

The visually unique look of Bad Date has been the topic of much discussion in the past. Today we will look at the process of creating this one of a kind animation!


Atlantean Dodgeball has gone through various renditions….

The Creation of "Atlantean Dodgeball"

Like many of the Math Snacks games, Game Over Gopher began with a single question: How do we make learning about the coordinate grid fun?

Game Over Gopher Through the Years