Cucumber Tomato Salad #cucumbersalad #tomatosalad

Cucumber Tomato Salad

Farmhouse Italian in this is wonderful, little sugar, salad supreme, let it chill its the best Cucumber Tomato Salad summer food ideas summer drinks

CREAMY GARLIC PENNE PASTA - Quick, easy and so delicious, perfect for garlic and pasta lovers and kid approved! | http://SweetLittleBluebi... - follow my profile for more and visit my website

Creamy Garlic Penne Pasta

1 pound box of Penne Pasta (cooked according to directions on box ) cup salted butter cloves of garlic, minced 4 tablespoons flour 1 cups chicken broth 1 cups whole milk 4 teaspoons parsley flakes cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese salt and pepper to taste

Lasooni Methi Paneer

Lasooni methi paneer | cheese in a garlic curry

Pressed cottage cheese (substitute tofu for a vegan version) in a garlic-coconut milk curry. Served with Naan or Basmati/Jasmine rice All year

tawa pulao - a popular mumbai street food of rice and vegetables sauted together with pav bhaji masala and other spices-herbs. step by step recipe.

Tawa pulao

tawa pulao recipe with step by step photos. easy pulao recipe which is a popular mumbai street food. tawa pulao as the name suggests is made on tawa.

Lasooni Methi Paneer | Indian Garlic Curry with Paneer -This recipe is real quick to do and tastes delicious. When you are too lazy to cook a fancy meal but your tastebuds are not willing to settle on anything less, give this one a try. You can make it with pretty much anything that you have in the pantry. I did not have tomatoes, green chilies, coconut milk & paneer when I cooked this. I used amchur, red chili powder, milk, and ricotta cheese respectively. It still turned out great…

Lasooni methi paneer | cheese in a garlic curry

Lasooni Methi Paneer (or cheese in garlic curry) uses coconut milk for a light creamy taste, can be made low cal/vegan by using Tofu & is easy to make

chili paneer

Chilli Paneer dry is the most famous Indo-Chinese delicacy, made with Cottage cheese and Chinese blends and sauces. Find out how to make easiest , homemade chilly paneer dry.

paneer bhurji recipe – spiced scrambled cottage cheese sauted with onions, and tomatoes. quick and easy north indian breakfast or brunch. can be had with rotis, parathas or bread.

Paneer bhurji recipe | punjabi style dry paneer bhurji

Spicy Potato and Roti Roll recipe | Indian Tava Recipes | by Tarla Dalal | | #168

Spicy Potato and Roti Roll

Dabeli with Homemade Dabeli Masala | Spice in the City: Wickedly Delicious Indian Vegetarian Sloppy Joes with a delectable Potato, Pomegranate and Peanuts filling, packed with flavor from a special spice blend! Serve this fabulous Street Food at your next soiree!

On the Spice Trail: Dabeli (with Homemade Dabeli Masala)


Tomato rasam

tomato rasam recipe with step by step photos. easy tomato rasam recipe without dal and tamarind. the most easy & simple tomato rasam recipe.

kadai paneer gravy

Kadai paneer gravy recipe | paneer kadai gravy

kadai paneer gravy recipe – slightly spicy and tangy recipe of cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes and freshly ground coriander and dry red chilies in a kadai. kadai paneer goes well with rotis, parathas, naan or jeera rice. step by step recipe.

Grilled Hot and Sweet Paneer ( Healthy Starter Recipe ) recipe | by Tarla Dalal | | #34725

Grilled Hot and Sweet Paneer ( Healthy Starter Recipe )

Grilled Hot n Sweet paneer is a recipe of succulent cubes of paneer, marinated in an oriental honey chilli marinade and grilled till the honey just about caramelizes, imparting an unusual flavour to this dish.