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Beautiful in Lights | Church Stage Design Ideas

MDF letters/front surface covered with AC ducting/aluminum tape to help reflect the lights off the letters/ordinary lighting sockets and 14 gauge wiring to wire it all lightbulbs

Stage lighting

This is what I want to mimic for the arcade scene, only I want to add more green lights to the mix. I also want to add some strobe lights along the edge of the stage to create the effect of flashing game screens.

Plastic night light

Green LED Faucet Valve night light It’s a. - Green LED Faucet Valve night light “ It’s a standard ¾" brass sillcock, converted into a night light. Turning the valve actually turns on the ¼ watt LED bulb in the hanging drop of “water”.

Mason jars with candles

mason jar lanterns - we save jam jars etc and put little candles in and dot them around the patio, they look stunning! Takes a while to light all the candles but once they're done they easily last through dinner and sometimes dancing!