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Working Capital: Getting Cash from Receivables and Inventories The timing of collection of accounts receivable and payment of accounts payable is a key determinant in whether a firm is cash rich or cash poor. For further details log on to


Common Causes of Cash Flow Problems The common reasons that businesses have cash flow problems are: Accounts receivables are late Accounts receivable is money owed to your business. When people are not paying you in a timelymanner, you’ll always be short of cash For further details log on to


Qualities of a successful entrepreneurResearch suggests that entrepreneurial success is a function of multiple traits/ qualities. Entrepreneurs with the following traits have exhibited much better performance compared to their peers: ...For further details log on to

Comparison between LLP and Private Limited CompanyThe main Comparison is that in an LLP, there are lesser formalities after the business has been incorporated. For example, you need not file annual returns etc. unless your income crosses a certain threshold. An LLP is preferable if you offering services are professional, like a lawyer or architect. A Pvt. Ltd. Company is preferred if you want to launch a scalable enterprise. For further details log on to

Difference between Trademark and Copyright A trademark is a mark given to a brand to protect the brand name, Logo or Slogan.A copyright is a Protection given to unique content such as book,music, video, song or even software.For further details log on to


Why marketing is pivotal to success of your venture Marketing spans the boundaries between a company and its customers. It is marketing that delivers a company’s products and services to customers and marketing that takes information about those products and services, as well as about the company itself, to the market. For further details log on to

OPC or Sole Proprietorship If you are starting a new business and unable to decide whether to start as OPC or sole proprietorship, the following differences between the two will help you to decide the type of company to be formed. Read what is Sole proprietorship and One Person Company. For further details log on to

One Person Company Introduction One person company OPC is one of the various kinds of companies, recognized by the Companies Act 2013. These companies enable sole proprietors to own an entire business firm and be a part of the corporate world. For further details log on to

Things to consider before starting a business. No matter what type of business you want to start, there are some practical and legal issues you’ll face right away, including choosing a name and location for your business, deciding whether or not to hire employees..... For further information log on to

Raising capital for your business: Initial Public offer When business angels or venture capitalists put money into a business, there has to be a way they can realize their investments at a future date. This is called the exit or harvestfor the investor. There are three ways to exit an investment: an initial public offering, an acquisition, and a buyback of the investor’s stock by the company itself. For further details log on to…