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Ravioli Lasagna

16 reviews
65 minutes

This easy lasagna is made with layers of frozen cheese ravioli in place of traditional lasagna noodles. You're going to love how ooey gooey cheesy this ravioli lasagna bake is! Okay, I have a very


Creamy Vegetable Soup

30 reviews
40 minutes

This Creamy Vegetable Soup is a cozy, comforting vegan recipe that's gluten-free, easy-to-make & loaded with veggies- great for lunch or as a dinner starter


Peanut Butter Steel Cut Oats

45 reviews
15 minutes

How to cook steel cut oats in the instant pot. With 6 different healthy, delicious flavor options! You’ll love how quick it is to make these healthy oats.

Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie - Glitter and Bubbles

This vegan treat is my favorite post workout snack (and let’s face it, is better for me than hot dog chips). I love that I can take it on the go, so even if I’m in a rush I’m not missing breakfast. What’s your favorite post workout snack.


Avocado Salmon Rice Bowl

Beautiful honey, lime, and cilantro flavors come together is this tasty salmon rice bowl. Cilantro lime rice with honey, lime salmon and fresh avocado.

Barilla® Pesto and Pepper Pasta Bowl

Assemble an easy dinner with this pasta bowl recipe featuring Barilla Angel Hair, Pesto and peppers.


Blueberry Banana Pancake Recipe - Easy Banana Pancakes For Breakfast or Snack - No Sugar Pancakes

Quick and Easy Recipes to Cook Delicious Meals at Home. Homemade mac and cheese, homemade pancakes, homemade biscuits, homemade pizza recipe.

16 Healthy And Delicious Sheet Pan Dinners For Lazy Weeknights

Enjoy the best of quick, easy, healthy and delicious sheet pan dinners for those super busy weeknights. These 16 family friendly one sheet pan dinner meals come together pretty quickly, and are packed with yummy flavor to satisfy your cravings. #sheetpandinners #healthydinners #sheetpanmeals #onepanrecipes

Beef Tenderloin and Balsamic Steak Sauce

Want to elevate your dinner recipe game? Try making our Balsamic Beef Tenderloin with chef-selected, premium ingredients.

11 Breastfeeding Super Foods -

I don’t know about you, but when I was breastfeeding my babies, I was constantly hungry! I would eat an entire meal and not even an hour later feel like I haven’t eaten in days. Don’t be surprised if you are experiencing the same thing. Your body is working hard to make milk to feed your little one so you are burning lots of extra calories! Burning extra calories doesn’t mean you should stuff yourself with junk food though. I’m not saying that the occasional junk food binge doesn’t (and…

The Amazing Health Benefits of Avocados

If you haven’t been living under a rock you know that everyone loves avocado. You’ll see every celebrity, youtuber, and millennial eating avocado toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, have you heard why you should eat them? Avocados have many health benefits and if you haven’t tried them yet we will convince you

Chia Seed for Dummies - Healthy Medicine Tips

Each seed forms its very own huge bead of gel, that is not readily removed. The Chia Seed can assist with that. Soluble fiber Chia seed comprises ample soluble fiber, which can help prevent ...

Berry Granola Yogurt Bark (toddler + kid approved) - Baby Foode

1 review
4 hours

This yummy yogurt bark is perfect for breakfast, snacks or dessert. Made with 4 simple ingredients, it only takes 5 minutes to make a batch of this healthy sweet treat that kids love!

Herbs For Women

The use of medicinal herbs has been an intrinsic part of women’s health since antiquity. The traditional uses of plants throughout key transitions within a woman’s reproductive cycle are rich and ancient. For thousands of years, classics like red raspberry leaf and Shatavari have been used to tone the uterus, along with other key herbs for pregnancy, PMS, childbirth, lactation, menopause and beyond. The ones above are just a few that have been significant for me for healing horrible cramps…