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Slimming World magic muffins • 35g oats • 1 muller light yoghurt (I used strawberry) • 2 eggs • sweetener, to taste 1. Cover the oats with the yoghurt and soak for a couple of hours in the fridge 2. Pre-heat oven to 180C 3. Crack eggs into yoghurt mixture (after their two-hour soak) 4. Add sweetener and give it a good whisk 5. Split mixture into silicon muffin cases 6. Bake for 30 mins

Slimming World KFC. FREE! Delicious ♥ Coating is Smash dried potato, garlic granules, chicken oxo, paprika, chilli powder and pepper. Dip the uncooked chicken breasts in egg, then in the coating and repeat once more. Spray with Fry-light and bake in the oven until brown! Serve with syn free wedges/chips ♥

Slimming World – Syn Free Cheese Scones! Yummy!

Another Slimming World recipe that I love. Cheese scones – can also be made into little balls and eaten as a snack. They are syn free if you are following the plan as long as you have the ch…