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two cakes sitting on top of white plates with gold ribbon around the edges and topped with frosting
a cake and cupcakes sitting on a table next to a sign that says 4 gaa glu
a cake with chocolate and strawberries on top
Naked cake
a cake with strawberries on top is sitting on a plate and has the name julia spelled in pink
Bolo morango com ninho
a purple cake with flowers on top sitting on a wooden stand in front of a white wall
57 Pretty wedding cakes almost too pretty to cut
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a purple and gold cake sitting on top of a table
These Wedding Cakes Are Incredibly Stunning
Be inspired by these pretty wedding cakes! We are having a major swoonnsesh over these gorgeous wedding cakes. These latest wedding cakes are the...
there is a purple cake with gold decorations on it
Abstract Buttercream Cake with Liz Shim
Let your creativity fly as buttercream expert Liz Shim shows you how to make an abstract cake, complete with rice paper sails to top it off Skill level: Intermediate Learn how to: Mix up a beautiful, cohesive color palette for designing your cake Ice your cake with an abstract pattern with extra texture and dimension Create rice paper sails for topping your cake, complete with gold accents