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Best New Music 2015

Listen to the best new song & album releases of 2015 (lovingly selected & updated daily by the Let's Loop team) at
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"Crutches, Crosses, Caskets" by Pusha T - #music #newmusic


Listen to 'Crutches, Crosses, Caskets' by Pusha T on Let's Loop

"Lace" by MOVEMENT - #music #newmusic


Listen to 'Lace' by MOVEMENT on Let's Loop

"Christmas Will Break Your Heart" by LCD Soundsystem - #music #newmusic


Listen to 'Christmas Will Break Your Heart' by LCD Soundsystem on Let's Loop

"Out of Touch" by Brothertiger - #music #newmusic


Listen to 'Out of Touch' by Brothertiger on Let's Loop

"4 Degrees" by ANOHNI - #music #newmusic


Listen to '4 Degrees' by ANOHNI on Let's Loop

"100 Million" by Charlie Hilton - #music #newmusic

Listen to '100 Million' by Charlie Hilton on Let's Loop

"Alone on Christmas Day" by Phoenix - #music #newmusic

Listen to 'Alone on Christmas Day' by Phoenix on Let's Loop

"Facts" by Kanye West - #music #newmusic

Listen to 'Facts' by Kanye West on Let's Loop

"I've Seen" by Youth Lagoon - #music #newmusic

Listen to 'I've Seen' by Youth Lagoon on Let's Loop

"Pretty Boy" by Steve Gunn & Kurt Vile - #music #newmusic

Listen to 'Pretty Boy' by Kurt Vile on Let's Loop