British key

We have featured his hand wrench(below) last year. Today you will see Paul Martu's new design, Early Tools hammer, which uses two bronze fists as the head of the hammer, I love this design, Cool!

nice pic

I love this idea doe a DIY photo booth. Endless possibilities for different photos of your guests!

garfield car

Photo: MisterWMiss C's post about a bus and train combo reminded me of another bus "mash up" this time with a cat . Behold the Cat Bus (presumably inspired by the Nekobus in the Japanese anime My Neighbor Totoro) at the Burning Man festival.

who fastest

who fastest

look my face

Taking the Steve Buscemeyes meme a step further Previously: Steve Buscemi Eyes: Now For Everyone Steve Buscemi’s Eyes Are On You Sile Seoige With Steve Buscemi’s Eyes via

darth vadder

Because, when you're trying to sell a wedding dress, a Darth Vader helmet is sure to close the deal.

macho man

Little boy shaving photo idea, wish I would have thought about this when my boys were little. So cute and can do this now since wy got a "shaving kit"